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History has just kept happening: Read Jill Lawrence's November 2021 interview with Connecting, a newsletter for Associated Press alumni, about how political journalism has evolved (many more women doing it, for a start); her path to online media and opinion journalism; the challenges of the last few years; and why she married her editor.

The Art of the
Political Deal
: Watch Jill Lawrence talk to Steve Scully of C-SPAN's Washington Journal about her book spotlighting congressional Democrats and Republicans who managed to break through gridlock, and about prospects for compromise in the Trump era.

Analyzing the 2016 presidential race: Listen to Jill Lawrence discuss the candidates and the landscape with Marty Moss-Coane and Glenn Thrush on WHYY's Radio Times.

Assessing the 2014 midterms: Listen to Wisconsin Public Radio's post-election interview with Jill Lawrence (her segment begins at the 20-minute mark).

Read the Brookings Institution Primaries Project report by Jill Lawrence and Walter Shapiro: "Phoning It In and Failing to Show: The Story of the 2014 House Primaries."

Twitter as a tool for journalists: Read Muck Rack's interview with Jill Lawrence.

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Award-winning journalist Jill Lawrence is a columnist for USA Today. A former USA Today commentary editor and editorial board member, she is also a former columnist for U.S. News and World Report and Creators Syndicate; author of the 2017 book The Art of the Political Deal: How Congress Beat the Odds and Broke Through Gridlock; and a contributor to The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Race. She co-authored Governors and the Presidency: How They Campaign, How They Govern, for the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers, and Phoning It In and Failing to Show: The Story of the 2014 House Primaries, for the Brookings Institution. | More about Jill Lawrence

Selected articles:

From Zoom to COVID Vaccines to Biden and (Gulp) Trump, a Liberal's Thanksgiving Thanks

Infrastructure Was Oonce a Crashing Bore. Now It Symbolizes Our Sick, Violent Politics.

Liz Cheney's Anti-Trump Crusade Will End Her Career or Make Her a White House Contender

Virginia Governor: Youngkin Win Shows Voters Will Reward Trump's Dangerous Republican Party

Legacy College Admissions Are Peak White Privilege. They Should Disappear Faster.

Superman's 'American way' Is Out. It's Sad, but Our Nation Deserves It.

Hillary Clinton, Louise Penny Thriller: An Ex-President as Dangerous and Magnetic as Trump

Why I'm Still on Facebook, Even Though It's Dividing and Inciting America for Profit

Hey Democrats! Enough Anarchy. Act Like Republicans and Get Moving on Biden's Big Plans.

The New Big Lie Republicans Want You to Believe? That There's a Puppeteer at the White House.

California Recall Lesson: Telling the Truth About Republicans and COVID Is a Winner

9/11 Anniversary: The Attacks Brought Us Together 20 Years Ago. Nothing Can Unite Us Now.

As His Poll Numbers Sink, Is Joe Biden in Trouble? If He Is, It's Good Trouble.

COVID and Wildfires Gave Us an Education Instead of a Vacation. We'll Never Be the Same.

We Can't Make a Country Care About Its Own Women. Only Afghanistan Can Do That.

Andrew Cuomo Resignation Is the Coda on a Mean Era Joe Biden Ended by Beating Donald Trump

Breathtaking Hypocrisy: Trump Sycophants Have No Standing to Demand that Cuomo Resign

In Vetoing Jordan and Banks, Pelosi Safeguards History, Democracy and Capitol Attack Probe

A Pile of Forgotten Shoes Snapped Me Back to Pre-COVID Reality. But the Aftershocks Won't Stop.

Florida Condo Collapse: As Search Goes On, Lessons and Resolve for a Safer America

January 6 Commission Defeat Previews Dangerous Failures to Come on Voting and Elections

Shameless Liars for Trump or Out-of-Touch Reagan Relics? Republicans Have Bad Choices.

Mastio & Lawrence/Biden's Speech to Congress: Liberal Road to Ruin or Popular Fixes to Festering Problems?

Yo-Yo Ma Talks COVID, Hope and Anti-Asian Hate: 'Why Is Anybody Surprised?'

Mastio & Lawrence/Joe Biden's First Press Conference Answers at Least One Question

Trump Is Gone and Biden Is Gathering Steam. But Now's Not the Time to Stop Worrying.

Mastio & Lawrence on CPAC 2021/Is Donald Trump a Declining Parody Or a Terrifying Threat?

Spare Us: After Trump, Seven Republican Lectures Democrats Never Need to Hear Again

Trump Legacy: Personal Responsibility Is for Suckers and GOP Means 'Grievances On Parade'

Mastio & Lawrence/Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Reaching for Normal at the Inauguration

A Republican in Joe Biden's Cabinet? The President-Elect Should Just Say No.

Waiting for Joe Biden: How to Make It Through the Final, Awful Days of Donald Trump

Georgia, If You’re Listening, Ignore Conservatives Peddling Socialist Senate Hallucinations

Stacey Abrams Would Be a Great Democratic Party Chair If She Could Be Talked into It

Mastio & Lawrence/Trump-to-Biden Transition Is Already Unhinged and It Won't Get Better

The Trump and Never-Trump Eras Could End Soon. Thanks for the Memories and Inspiration.

Mastio & Lawrence/Trump Soldier Mike Pence Faces Off with an Impressive Kamala Harris

Mastio & Lawrence/Trump-Biden Presidential Debate in Cleveland: Once Is Enough. Please Make It Stop.

Will Democrats Grow Backbones Amid Trump-Republican Rush to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Mastio & Lawrence/Donald Trump's Big Convention Speech Was Filled with Lies and Gall

Lawrence & Bloom/Is Kamala Harris the Future of the Democratic Party? Yes and No.

Joe Biden's VP Choice of Kamala Harris Signals Return to American Values and Competence

Mastio & Lawrence/Kamala Harris Is a Living, Breathing Rebuke to the Trump Presidency

Resolve After Appalling Roger Stone Commutation: Don't Let Donald Trump Break Us, America.

Biden's Vice Presidential Choice Just Got Simpler. He Needs Kamala Harris or Val Demings.

Joe Biden's Trump Card: Death, Disease and Economic Pain Are Real. They Can't Be Spun.

Trump's Chaotic Coronavirus Presidency: Historically Divisive and, for Some, Fatal

Mastio & Lawrence/Sanders Keeps Arguing for a Revolution Most Democrats Don't Want

Warren, Klobuchar, Harris, Gillibrand: Did Gender Sink Democratic Women in 2020? Nope.

Mastio & Lawrence/Joe Biden Won Because Money Couldn't Buy Bloomberg Super Tuesday Love

Mastio & Lawrence/Debate Grades for Sanders, Bloomberg and the Rest of the Democrats

Mastio & Lawrence/Grading Bloomberg, Sanders and Other Democrats at the Las Vegas Debate

Washington's 'Rules of Civility' Could Teach Trump Lessons on Insults and Fake News

Mastio & Lawrence/New Hampshire Democrats Spurn Biden and Warren in Quest to Beat Trump

Forget Iowa in 2024, Don't Nominate a Socialist in 2020, and Time for 5 Democrats to Go

I Used to Cover Republicans Who Are Cowering to Trump. I Don't Recognize Them Now.

Mastio & Lawrence/Get Ready for the Trump Senate Impeachment Trial as Partisan Farce

From Scott Brown to Donald Trump, Can Democrats Recover from the Traumas of the 2010s?

Mastio & Lawrence/What We Learned About Trump and 2020 from the 2019 Democratic Debates

Democratic Debate in Atlanta: From A to F, Mastio & Lawrence Grade the 2020 Candidates

A Mayor? Who's 37? What Are Democrats Thinking? Maybe that Buttigieg Could Beat Trump.

Impeachment Hearings Are Democrats' Last, Best Chance to Show How Trump Endangers America

Mastio & Lawrence/In Virginia, a Vote Against Trumpism, but the Rest Is Up for Debate

Elizabeth Warren's Choice: 'Medicare for All' Purity or a Path to Beating Donald Trump

Wyoming, Monaco, Voting Rights and Taxes: All the Reasons Washington, D.C., Should be a State

Democratic Debate in Houston: From A to F, Mastio & Lawrence Grade the 2020 Candidates

Celebrate the Diverse 2020 Democratic Candidates and Don't Fret About 'Electability'

Valerie Harper's Death Reminded Me of My Rant About 'Rhoda' and the Great Response I Got

Joe Biden Isn't the Boringly Reassuring Candidate Democrats Were Hoping For

Dayton and El Paso Won't Change Trump. He's Bet His Future on Division, Cruelty and Guns.

Mastio & Lawrence/Will 2020 Democrats Target Biden or Trump on Race at CNN Detroit Debate?

What If Robert Mueller Decided to Tell Congress What He Really Thinks?

3 ways for Elizabeth Warren or Another Democratic President to 'Deal With' Mitch McConnell

Republicans Are Eating Our Lunch. I Want a 2020 Democrat Tough Enough to Eat Theirs.

Mastio & Lawrence Grade the 2020 Democratic Debates: Kamala Harris at the Head of the Class

6 Ways Democrats Can Ease America Into Thinking About Impeachment and Donald Trump

Trump-Era America Needs Biden's Campaign Even If He Doesn't Win the Democratic Nomination

You Don't Have to Be 37 Like Pete Buttigieg, but Age Should Matter in the 2020 Campaign

Mastio & Lawrence/Trump's Tweets Read Like Your Crazy Uncle in the Attic, but We'll Only Worry If He Shuts Up

Amy Klobuchar's Bad-Boss Flaws are Disturbing. Should Democrats Write Her Off for 2020?

Mastio & Lawrence/State of Trump's Union: America is Coping with its Ethically Heedless President

BuzzFeed Michael Cohen Report: Will It Hold Up? Will It Change the Game for Trump and GOP?

Mastio & Lawrence/Reasonable Facsimile of a President Delivers Expected Cascade of Distortions, but No News

Elizabeth Warren Didn't Miss Her Presidential Moment. Win or Lose, 2020 is Her Time.

No Exit: America's Not Only Trapped in Trump's Legal Reality show, We're Paying for It

You Don't Bring a Novice to a Knife Fight. That's Why Democrats Need Nancy Pelosi.

Can Republicans Fix Their Woman Problem? Only If They Change Practically Everything.

Democrats Need to Be Ruthless on Fixing Voting. They're Paying a Steep Price for Neglect.

Mastio & Lawrence/Election Results 2018: Bragging Rights for Everybody and Nobody

It's Too Late for Trump to Be Credible on Uniting US Against Hate

Trump and Republicans Have Put America in Crisis. 'Mob' and 'Socialism' Won't Erase That.

Mastio & Lawrence/Should We Trust Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh or Accuser Christine Blasey Ford?

McCain Wanted to 'Raise Hell' and Leave It All on the Field. Mission Accomplished, Senator.

What Donald Trump Can Teach Democrats and Barack Obama About Politics

My Grandfather Wouldn't Be Allowed into America Under Donald Trump's Policies

Anthony Kennedy Retirement Latest Reason Democrats Risk Losing Supreme Court for Generations

Immigration, Ethics, Russia: Welcome to Trump World, Where All scandals Are Above Average

What If Hillary Clinton Had Won? A Thought Experiment for Republicans

Would the Founders Want Our Kids to Die in School Shootings Like Santa Fe? I Doubt It.

James Comey Is Back to Remind Us How Donald Trump Got Elected. Some Leader.

Next Up for Trump White House, Judge Jeanine and Lou Dobbs? Nothing Should Surprise Us.

Mastio & Lawrence/Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump and '60 Minutes': Shame Is So Over

#MeToo and Inclusion Riders Are Great. But Should I Worry About My Son?

Freakout-onomics: Trump and Republicans Making Every Bad Economic Choice Possible

Mastio & Lawrence/Donald Trump and the State of Our Reality TV Union

On Medicaid Work Requirements, Who Will Judge the Character Judges?

Democrats Must Play Republican-Style Hardball in 2018

If Only Our Fake President Acted More Like the 'Fake' News Media He Hates So Much

Obamacare Repeal is an Ideological Crusade Past Its Sell-By Date. Give It Up, GOP

Trump Shows GOP How It's Done: Scrap Absolutism, Deal with Reality

Checkers vs. Chess: Donald Trump's Fateful Insistence on Instant Gratification

Hillary Clinton Still Stuck in '16

Donald Trump to America: Please Impeach Me

Trump is a Nightmare Negotiating Partner

Mastio & Lawrence/Bill O'Reilly Forced Out But Will Fox Change?

Putin's Mission Is Already Accomplished

The Republican Reckoning on Health Care

Mastio & Lawrence/Trump is the Real Teleprompter President

The Michael Flynn Problem Starts at the Top

Mastio & Lawrence/Billionaire Trump Promises Power to the People

Sternberg, Mastio & Lawrence/@Cliffs_Notes Constitution for @realDonaldTrump

Mastio & Lawrence/Is President Obama's Real Legacy Donald Trump?

Mastio & Lawrence/When a Cartoon Is Not Just a Cartoon

8 Gifts for the President-Elect Who Has It All

Mastio & Lawrence/Family Ties Between Trump and Pizzagate

The Real Voices that Aren't Heard

Mastio & Lawrence/Congrats America. You Blew It.

Mastio & Lawrence/Obamacare's Shocking Premium Hikes

Trump Gets His Poetically Just Desserts

Mastio & Lawrence/Trump Implosion Goes Way Beyond Politics

Mastio & Lawrence/Trump Teeters on the Precipice

Mastio & Lawrence/Trump Sex Video Apocalypse

Mastio & Lawrence/Who Won that VP Debate?

Trump Debate Debacle Should Sink Him

The Public Trump Is All that Matters

Change Is Not Your Friend This Year

Clinton Owes Nothing to the Party of No

Raw Racism Revealed in GOP Voter Law

Bernie Bros in the Family: Jill Lawrence & Sons

9 Ways Trump Is Worse than the GOP Caricature of Obama

Sanders Waited Too Long to Join Real World

Hillary's Pretty Darn Good Campaign

Melania, Puffery and Plagiarism at TrumpCon

5 Words that Could Sink Trump

Clinton Needs a Conscience for Vice President

Clinton Deserves Credit for Making History

Trump v Clinton Is (Almost) Official

Trump's GOP Won't Be Party of No

Rubio Campaign on Brink of Death Without Dignity

Democrats Are Blowing It Again

Imagining Trump's Reality-Show America

Hillary's New Hampshire Nightmare

GOP Debates Ignore Real Life

Even a GOP President Might Not Kill Obamacare

It's Time for 9 Republicans to Go

Terrorism, Guns and the Right to Life

Should Democrats Gun for a Shutdown?

Why the Democrats Are in Such Shambles

The Great Immigration Crackup

Need a Reason to Keep Trump Away from Nukes? Paris.

The Curiously Cavalier Carly

The GOP Future Is Here

Tea Party Budget Flameout

Trickle-Down Economics on Trial

Joe Biden Saves Himself

Six Ways the House GOP Leadership Crisis Could End

Hillary's Helper: Bernie Sanders Proved a Perfect Debate Foil for Hillary Clinton

The Republican Brand Is Tea Party

A Trump In Republican Clothing

John Boehner Gives Up

Amateur Hour in the GOP Presidential Race

Why Scott Walker is Out

Let's Judge the GOP Debate on Substance

Kim Davis And The Iowa-Or-Bust Syndrome

The Migrant Crisis Doesn't Mean Obama Was Wrong on Syria

The Four-Time Bride Who Won't Let Gays Get Married

Republicans Need what Carly Fiorina Will Bring to the Main Debate Stage

Could Pope Francis Be Donald Trump's Undoing?

Republicans Aim for Their Own Feet

The Education of Donald Trump

How Hillary Clinton Squandered a Savvy Campaign on an Idiotic Scandal

So, The Donald and Angela Merkel Walk into a Bar

Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Ignoring The Past

The 45th President Will Owe Obama Big Time

The Year of Trump or the Year of the Governors?

Governors and the Presidency: How They Campaign, How They Govern

The Donald's '47 Percent' Moment

A Roiling Republican Party Is Ready for Its Close-Up

Too Late for the New, Improved Clinton And Perry?

Obama’s Best Iran Role Model Is The First President Bush

What Democrats Should Fear Most About Scott Walker

Taking Down that Flag Is Just the Start

Blame Congress If Obamacare Subsidies Die

Chris Christie Is No John McCain

Right on Voting Rights

Scott Walker and the GOP Are Wrong About the Safety Net

The Trouble With The Huge Republican Field

"Survivor" Hillary Clinton Edition

The Wrong Questions About Iraq

Bernie Sanders' Siren Song

The Legacy We Could Create for Freddie Gray

An Explosion of Substance in the 2016 Democratic Race

Will Hispanics Reject the GOP Once Again?

Still the One: George W. Bush's Foreign Policy Lives On in Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Other Prospective 2016 GOPers

What Conservatives Get Wrong on Medicaid

It's Not Always Hillary's Fault

Racial Pain that Just Won't Quit

Hillary’s Path to Victory?

Will Hispanics Ever Love Republicans Back?

A Glimpse Into the GOP's Backward Bubble

Hey, Governors: You Didn't Build That

Whoever Wins the White House, We'll Be Tired

Hold the Alarmism on Hillary

A Tale of Two States

How Hillary Clinton's Rivals Could Make a Difference

Who's Plan B? Democrats Are Making a Mistake Counting So Completely on Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Profiles in Negotiation: the Murray-Ryan budget deal

Obamacare Faces the Abyss. Again.

How Republican 'Success' Could Sink the GOP Presidential Nominee

The Race Up Macho Mountain

What Hillary Clinton Could Learn from Scott Walker

Would-Be Presidents Flunk the Vaccine Test

Bold or Bully? If Republicans Like Barack Obama's Executive Privilege Problem, They'll Love Jeb Bush's

Still 'No Way Out' for Saudi Women

They Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

The True Confessions of Mitt Romney

Why Elizabeth Warren Won't Run

Punishment Fit for a Politician

Republicans and the Siren Song of the Past

A Brutal Holiday Season on Cable and Social Media

Ready For Hillary and Jeb to Declare Their Independence

We Need to Talk About Guns, Whether the NRA Likes It Or Not

The Unfair Scapegoating of Obamacare

In Praise of Politics (Talking to You, Ferguson and Washington)

Imagine a World Without 'Obamacare'

The Democratic Comeback Plan

Obama's Immigration Conundrum

The Midterms Road Map To 2016

Mitch McConnell's Plan to End Gridlock

A Wasted Opportunity For Democrats

Can Women Save Democrats in a Republican Year?

The Coming Republican Retreat On Obamacare

Voter ID Laws Make the Poll Tax Look Good

Republicans' Complete Dereliction on Climate Change

Does Professor Obama Need a Dash Of Cowboy Bush?

How I Learned to Love the Chamber Of Commerce

The Democratic Presidential Race Might Be Fun After All

The Politics Gap Between the Rich and the Rest

The Importance of Ignoring Dick Cheney

Sending the Right Messages On Terrorist Acts

Rand Paul's Fair-Weather Compassion

A Black President's Burden

Imagining President Hillary: a Possible History of the Future

Obama's Campaign Rivals Resurface on Iraq

When the Best Man for the Job Might Be a Man

The GOP's Mixed Message to Minorities

Democrats Vie to Win Akin Award for Self-Inflicted Damage

Pining for a Swaggering, Bare-Chested President? Get Over It

The President's Three Pinocchios

Don't Let the Border Crisis Go to Waste

Sarah Palin's Immigration-Impeachment Bonfire

Cleveland Wins the 2016 Republican Convention. Who Will That Help?

The Hobby Lobby Effect

The Patriotism Gap and Other Disconnects

How to Run for President as a Capitalist, Hillary Clinton Edition

A GOP Divided Against Itself and Costing the Country Big Time

Hillary Clinton's Elitism Problem

How to Get Sicker, Die Sooner, and Pay More for It

The Republican Party's Goldwater Moment

The Hillary Clinton We Know

Will Cantor's Loss Be a Turning Point for the Tea Party?

The Hillary Clinton Age Trap

Obama Risks Could Lead to Rewards

Surrender on Guns Is Not an Option

Elizabeth Warren Will Be the X-Factor in 2016 — Even if She Doesn't Run for President

What Do Voters Owe a Contender of a Certain Age?

Republican Science-Rejection Syndrome Is Hurting All of Us

Time to Reconsider the Six-Year Presidential Term

Why Won't Obama Protect Gay Workers?

Elizabeth Warren's Biggest Mistake

Why Should Colleges Be Blind to Color and Nothing Else?

The Democrats Have a Mega-Donor Problem

Martin O'Malley's Biggest 2016 Problem (Besides Hillary Clinton)

Republicans Learned All the Wrong Lessons from Bush's 'Read My Lips' Snafu

Is the Minimum Wage Drive a Passing Fancy for Obama and his Party?

Will Democrats Let Obamacare Sink Them Again?

Rand Paul's Mainstream Dreams

Technology is a Whole New Way for Politicians to Fail

Obamacare Subsidies Create GOP Identity Crisis

Stopping Keystone is the Wrong Fight for Obama

The 'Woman Problem' Cathy McMorris Rodgers Can't Solve

The Republican Trust Gap on Poverty

Bully Blowback

How Poverty Stupefies

Is Obama Powerless to Fight Inequality?

How Steve Beshear Became Kentucky’s Democrat Whisperer

The Truthiness of Rand Paul

Virginia Isn't the Place Ken Cuccinelli Thinks It Is

Obama Says He's Not Worried About Style Points. He Should Be.

Business Tries to Tame Tea-Party Conservatives It Helped Elect

Do Women Make Better Senators than Men?

Is It Time to Take Martin O'Malley Seriously?

Terry McAuliffe's Woman Problem

The Most Bogus Argument Against New Gun Laws

Has Washington Given Up on the Economy?

Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly Counterprogram the White House Correspondents Dinner

Hispanics Actually Don't Share Republican 'Faith and Family' Values

Why John McCain Is Barack Obama's New Best Friend

How to Shrink the Dangerous Republican Empathy Gap

Obama Just Wasted a Big Chance to Sell His Economic Vision

Paul Ryan's Obamacare Repeal Fantasy

Argo is Great, But 52 Former American Hostages Are Still Looking for Justice

Chris Christie is a Republican Without a Party

Spielberg's Lincoln: A Lesson in Realpolitik for a Squeamish Age

Obama Voters Shake GOP Vision of Electorate

Five Most Surprising Things About the Democratic Convention

Five Most Surprising Things About the GOP Convention (Besides Clint Eastwood)

The Battle of the Bailout

Rick Perry's Jobs Strategy: Raiding Other States

Health Care Law Could Give Rise to Entrepreneurs

Pawlenty's Huge Iowa Gamble

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